Quartet in Residence workshop
6th March 2015

66 String players from Years 4-13 launched themselves back into the new half term with our quartet-in-residence, the Maggini Quartet, in the final part of our project performing Vaughan Williams’ Concerto Grosso for String Orchestra.  

The students worked in great detail for four hours on the four movements and have managed to achieve a real sense of style and character in this piece.  

The final performance at the 125th Celebration Concert on Wednesday 18 March in the Fairfield Halls promises to be a very exciting occasion.  If you have not already bought your tickets please visit  www.fairfield.co.uk 

Sophia, Bryanna and Maria thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Here is what they had to say.

“It was quite hard to keep our place because there were so many different layers of sound.  Also it was especially hard to count the rests but we enjoyed the challenge.'

We rehearsed all the parts separately and then put them together.

It was really nice that the Maggini Quartet came and helped us.

The Maggini sounded very professional and we could hear them playing when we were counting our rests.  We would like to play like that!

By the end of the day the music was sounding more polished than at the beginning but there is still some room for improvement!  Hopefully it will sound really good when we perform it at the 125th Anniversary Concert in two weeks time.”