DecaDance Performances
20th March 2015

Last week we saw another ‘electric’ dance show performance by students from across Year 6-13.  

Over 100 dancers were involved, as well as a team of sixth formers who ran the technical aspects of the show behind the scenes. It was truly astounding to see the sheer energy and enthusiasm by the students, whose performances were slick and professional.  

Year 7 student Piriyanka, writes about her experience: “I took part in the Dance Show and this amazing event happened on two nights. So many people came to watch it and when you asked what they thought about it, they simply said it was amazing. Mrs Jewell came to watch it on both nights and she said that is seemed to get better on each night. I thoroughly enjoyed it as each dance was different in many ways like some people did Bharatanatyam whilst others did Tap dancing. 

This spectacular event was a once in a life time experience for me as this was my first dance show I have been in. I enjoyed every moment in this Dance Show, and I am looking forward for the next one. Ms Lunghi did really well in teaching us many wonderful dance pieces and she was working very hard to make this show the best it could be. This year there were 25 dance pieces, there was ten more than last year’s one, which meant she had to work even harder. Overall these two nights were very extraordinary and we are looking forward to participating in the next one.”

Ms Lunghi would like to thank all the students for their time and commitment; you made her very proud!  A special thank you to Dance Prefects Lahini Sivaganeshan (Year 13) and Perpetua Oladapo (Year 12) for their invaluable support. 

DecaDance Dance Show DVD will be available shortly to purchase – details to follow soon.